Get notified before your food goes off.

Meet James. James just bought his weekly shop from the grocery store and is on his way home.

Unlike most of us when James gets home he uses Foodspan to track the lifespan of his grocery food.

Breakfast time 🥑

After having his morning coffee, James recieves a notification from Foodspan that his Avocados are about to expire.

In order not to waste the Avocados, he had an Avocado Toast for breakfast that morning. Crisis averted!

Going for a break 🏝

James is packing for a trip and will be back on Monday. He doesn't want his food to go to waste.

He quickly uses the food search to find out how long raw spinach lasts in the fridge.

James isn't happy, his Spinach won't last while he is away! Luckily he quickly checks to see how long his Spinach will last in the freezer.

Success. James pops the Spinach in the freezer and doesn't have to come back to a fridge full of rotten Spinach.

Be more like James, use Foodspan

Currently Foodspan is available by invitation only. However, you can sign up below and get notified once we launch publicly.

Join hundreds of other people who have started saving their food.

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